CEO Eric DeJohn Transforms Sales Organization with Proven Tactics


CEO Eric DeJohn Transforms Sales Organization with Proven Tactics

West Palm Beach, FL – April 19, 2024 ( – Eric DeJohn, the CEO & Founder of EDJ Enterprises Inc, is changing the game for solar sales representatives with his platform, EDJ Enterprises. DeJohn, who used to be a professional lacrosse player says he has translated his skills and determination into the world of sales, and it’s a very similar strategy to becoming successful.

In the last 5 years, DeJohn has personally sold over $10,000,000 in solar sales. He is hiring great salespeople, and rapidly expanding across multiple states. By implementing DeJohn’s strategies, his team is achieving unprecedented levels of success and growth.

“I was never normal from a societal view, and it’s because I had a massive vision to design my life and be in total control of what I get to do,” DeJohn said. “That’s the most rewarding part of this business, is you get to design your life with intention. If you’re successful at one thing in life, you can duplicate those same strategies or tactics you used to become great, into anything else to become great. We strive to make this platform advantageous for the sales rep to teach them too, how they can design their lives. And we don’t just teach sales strategies, but most importantly how to grow into becoming the best version of yourself to reach your full potential in every area of life.”

DeJohn’s innovative approach to sales has set him apart in the industry, and his dedication to helping others succeed is truly inspiring. As he continues to expand his organization and share his tactics with others, the future looks bright for Eric DeJohn and EDJ Enterprises Inc.

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Eric DeJohn
CEO & Founder, EDJ Enterprises Inc.
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